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Search FDA approved prescription drug database and learn all about your prescription medications. Drug listings include general information, clinical results, side effects and general advice. To search for a prescription medication, simply enter the drug name into the first search box and click the 'search' button. Alternatively you can look through our alphabetical listing (using the alphabetical letter list) or search by drug area. There is a part of the population that cringes at the thought of sitting at the doctor's office getting poked and pinched to get a diagnosis. While a visit to the doctor is an important part of staying healthy, there are times when you can actually get diagnosed without physically going to a doctor's office and get medicine with no prescription.
You obviously would need no prescription for over-the-counter medication. For that medicine that your local pharmacy will not give you with no prescription, you can contact online pharmacies. Legitimate online pharmacies would take your order for prescription medicine even if you have no prescription from your doctor. They would, however, require you to either ask your doctor to call them up or ask for your medical history so their online medical specialist can evaluate your condition accurately. No legitimate pharmacy, online or otherwise, will disburse medication with no prescription. Online pharmacies will still require a medical specialist to determine whether the medication you are requesting for is the right medication for you.
If the medicine that you are looking for is only for supplementary purposes, then there is no prescription requirement to worry about. You can actually go out and get supplements without the need for a prescription. It is always recommended, however, that you take these supplements only under the guidance of your doctor. It might not seem clearly evident but there are risks involved in taking anything as medication. Each individual could react differently to various medications. Medical specialists are trained and educated to recognize these differences and be able to recommend the right kind of medication for each individual. Even vitamin and mineral deficiencies that need to be supplemented can be accurately determined by medical specialists. Keeping yourself healthy at all times is a great answer to the aversion to visiting a doctor's office. There will be no reason for you to take medication, whether with or without a prescription, if you take care of your health and general well-being. It is not at all hard to keep healthy and fit even at this time when toxins are in most everything that we eat, drink, or even breathe. Ordering online medicine without prescriptions does not need to be unsafe or risky.

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